BOOM! They Are Heroes!

BOOM! They Are Heroes!


For the record, I hate superhero movies but love time travel movies so alas, I had to see this. The first part of the movie is pretty great. The action was well directed, yet very cheesy (like all superhero films), the plot unfolds immediately which makes it seem like this will be a fast paced action film that I could get behind. Then, near the second act, the movie takes a huge nosedive into boredom. It starts to focus mainly on Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender’s roles and not enough on the original plot. Also, there’s kind of a villain complex that occurs. Peter Dinklage is the obvious antagonist but then Fassbender starts turning bad for some reason, then the robots built in 1970 (which was so implausible, even for this movie) start attacking the future X-Men, it gets real messy. Speaking of messy, why is Patrick Stewart alive in the future? He died in The Last Stand. Yep, messy as fuck.  D

CatWoman Marker Sketch - Color by *mvitacca

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Catwoman V2, #32 (cover): True Romance?

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Uncanny X-Men #107

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after making this post i prety much HAD to draw this

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Batman Incorporated #1 variant cover by Yanick Paquette, Michel Lacombe, & Nathan Fairbairn

Batman 2014 by DanielMurrayART
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